Country Life Hotel, Kin Kin

Part pub, part museum, the Country Life Hotel is nestled in the hinterland town of Kin Kin on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Established in 1914, this original bush pub with its own cricket oval provides locals and visitors with a uniquely Australian experience.

Falinc was commissioned to produce outdoor seating that met the demands of a bustling pub and cricket-loving crowd. It needed to be robust and durable for the great outdoors, while providing relaxed, comfortable seating for socialising and soaking up the beautiful bushland surrounds… and the sound of leather on willow, no doubt.

The deckchairs are contemporary in design yet reflect the heritage style of this classic old weatherboard pub. The deckchair canvas is an exquisite shade of sage green with a white stripe.

Director's chairs sport the same green in a block colour, perhaps in honour of the ‘baggy green’ worn by Australian Test cricketers since the turn of the twentieth century.

Scope: Deck Chair, Directors Chair, Product Design & Manufacturing
Sling Designs: Deck Chairs are an exquisite shade of sage green with a white stripe, Directors Chairs sport the same green in a block colour
Photography: Matt Withers

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