The Deckchair

How do you improve a classic like the deckchair? At Falinc we believe our quality craftsmanship, superior materials and designer-led projects allow us to elevate this Aussie classic into something a bit special. We’ll let you be the judge — take a seat and let us explain…

crafted to last

Falinc deckchairs are expertly crafted from dense timber, designed with reinforced joints and built to last. Because we specifically choose the best part of the tree — without sapwood or pin hole borer, our deckchairs are naturally low maintenance.


Super durable and sturdy, yet dreamy to sit back and relax in. This high-performance chair has a look and feel that stands apart. Our canvas is an all-weather fabric, and has been selected for its outstanding resistance to UV rays. It’s also stain and soil-resistant, meaning Falinc deckchairs last the distance.


Designed in Australia using the highest quality, furniture grade timber, the Falinc deckchair is constructed with mortise and tenon joints.

Size folded: 1365H X 575W X 55Dmm
Fixings: Stainless Steel
Joins: Mortise & Tenon
Sling: Variety of Sturdy Canvas Fabrics

Extra-wide struts

The Falinc deckchair features wider and thicker timber struts for extra strength and stability (Falinc deckchair on the left, the rest on the right). It’s easy to see why so many prominent Australian organisations choose Falinc.

Heavy-duty canvases

Durable, removable and safety compliant. We offer a selection of Fire Retardant canvases, manufactured to Fire Safety Standards Australia. Chair slings can be easily changed or replaced when necessary.

Stainless Steel Fixings

The Falinc deckchair is reinforced with heavy-duty stainless steel bolts through each of the ten mortice and tenon joins — the only commercially available deckchair to feature this.

buy well, buy once.

Our timber is sourced from responsibly managed plantation forests. By purchasing robust furniture with longevity, you are helping to cut down on the waste of our natural resources.

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